We value the right connection

We establish a profound connection with client and candidate alike. We connect the dots through customized service, entrepreneurial spirit and cultural and emotional insight, ultimately delivering the right match in any given situation.

Capenti understands who you are

We commit to cultural fit. Capenti understands the paramount importance of recruiting talent that resonates with our clients’ ethos, as it contributes to long-term success but also enhances employee satisfaction and invokes a shared sense of purpose and loyalty.

We work in a bespoke manner

At Capenti, we understand that every corporate environment is unique, and that is why we offer a client-tailored service. We leverage the combined network, knowledge and experience of Capenti to dive deep into the intricacies of the clients’ needs, offering a specialized service that answers to specific requirements and aspirations.

At Capenti, we drive to excel

We go the extra mile to establish the best cultural fit between candidate and client. Our commitment to excel is a key driver for both client and candidate success, which is our ultimate goal.

We are entrepreneurial and

We harness the synergy of entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative efforts to accelerate project success while cultivating a culture of shared expertise and responsibility. By leveraging the full force of Capenti experts, we propel both client and candidate towards sustainable growth.

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The importance of a hands-on, personal touch cannot be overstated. We use our expertise to really journey together with client and candidate towards shared success.

Olav Vergeldt, TopProfile Executive Search



Schelstraete Delacourt is founded (based in Ghent).


Schelstraete Delacourt opens a new office in Brussels.
Becomes member of the InterSearch Worldwide Executive Search network.


TopProfile Executive Search is founded in Venray, the Netherlands.


Minds&More is founded (based in Brussels).


Minds&More starts hiring payroll consultants (Digital Marketing Consultants).


Schelstraete Delacourt opens an office in Amsterdam.


Schelstraete Delacourt opens a new office in Luxembourg.


Minds&More undergoes a rebranding and moves to its new offices in Diegem.


KeBeK Private Equity becomes shareholder of Schelstraete Delacourt.

March 2023

Schelstraete Delacourt and Minds&More join forces.

June 2023

Schelstraete Delacourt and TopProfile Executive Search join forces in the Netherlands.

May 2024

Rebranding holding to Capenti.

May 2024

TopProfile Executive Search moves to new offices in Venlo.